Balance & Vestibular Therapy In Wichita

Balance & Vestibular Therapy

Older people are at a higher risk of having balance problems; 75% of Americans older than 70 years are diagnosed as having “abnormal” balance. Balance problems increase by almost 30% in people aged 80 years or more.

Physical therapists develop individualized physical activity plans to help improve the strength, stability, and mobility of people with balance problems.

Vertigo is a sensation or feeling that the person or their environment is spinning. It can cause balance problems and often is a result of a problem in the inner ear. Vertigo affects people of all ages. Although it is very rare among children, it is common in adults over the age of 20. Vertigo and balance problems are more dangerous for people ages 65 and over. Older adults are at greater risk for fractures and major injuries from a fall caused by imbalance. A physical therapist can help people manage vertigo and dizziness symptoms so they can get moving again.