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Wichita Dry Needling

Ashton Reichmann Wichita Physical TherapistAshton is our dry needling specialist. Ashton obtained his Bachelor’s degree in science from Emporia State University in 2013, followed by his Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Wichita State University in 2018. Ashton has been certified by the NSCA as a strength and conditioning specialist since 2015.

Exactly How Does Dry Needling Help?

Dry Needling involves the insertion of a sterile monofilament needle into the muscle, connective tissue, or periosteum of bone in order to stimulate healing and reduce pain. The stimulation provided by needle insertion can cause local and systemic changes in the body through various mechanisms.

What Kind Of Things Can Dry Needling help With?

Pain: sustained stimulation to the damaged region can dampen pain signals to the brain thus reducing overall pain experienced.

Arthritis: stimulate microcirculation in order to promote cartilage regeneration and increased blood flow to the joint.

Neuropathic pain: can reduce symptoms related to issues caused by nerves.

Does Dry Needling Hurt?

Most people feel nothing at all, the needles are super small and our needling specialist, Ashton is one of the best at making the procedure as painless as possible. There may be muscle cramps after the treatment is over for maybe 1-2 days but nothing else. It’s worth it especially for athletes because it reduces recovery time for muscle healing and helps with chronic pain or delayed onset muscle soreness.

What Makes It Different Then Acupuncture?

While the tools and technique may appear similar, the clinical reasoning behind dry needling differs vastly. While acupuncture may adhere to traditional Chinese medicine and its philosophies, dry needling is based on western medicine concepts of pain and dysfunction. That is not to say one is better or worse than the other, just different.

Is Dry Needling A Safe Thing To Do?

Due to the size of the needles utilized, bleeding during treatment is uncommon.

Due to the sterile one single-use needles utilized, infections are very rare.

Puncturing internal structures is also relatively rare due to

  • Size of needles
  • Areas of application of needle
  • Experience of clinician

How Does Electrical Stimulation Help?

Adding electrical stimulation to your physical therapy treatment can…

  • Enhance pain-relieving effects
  • Reduce radiating nerve pain
  • Increased blood to the area treated

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