3D Motion Lab (Powered by DARI)

3d motion lab at Wichita physical therapy group Wichita

What is 3D Motion Lab?

Wichita PT Group’s 3D Motion Lab is a motion sensor room that can see if people are off-balance to a micro degree and show them what needs to be corrected. Powered by DARI, the lab can collect objective biomechanical data on individuals or entire teams in a matter of hours giving athletes, physical therapists, and training staff the tools to transform their motion. See it on the Kansas Business website online.

Why Use Our Advanced 3D Motion Lab?

Our wellness solution provides a system designed to PROTECT against injuries and identify risk factors related to each person’s unique MSK profile. This approach will allow you to more accurately protect more people.

  • Full-body motion health insights for improved communication.
  • Scientifically validated kinematics and kinetics.
  • Corrective exercises were delivered to address the top 3 focus areas
  • Cloud-based management for electronic delivery with BACS